Why are elderly home and safety checks important?

Why are elderly home and safety checks important?

In a given year, one in three elderly people experience a debilitating fall. Often times many fall victims don’t tell anyone, sometimes not even their doctors, which can lead to ongoing, even fatal, health concerns. If you have an aging parent, spouse, or loved one, the risk of a fall and potentially serious injury is devastatingly real.

One simple yet effective way to care for aging loved ones is to perform home and safety checks. These safety checks can reveal dangerous surroundings even in your own home, so learn what these checks should cover and why it is vital to have an aging professional conduct the checks could be the difference maker.

What is a Home and Safety Check?

A senior home and safety checks review the home in question for potential fall hazards, while mitigating these hazards to protect your loved ones.

Area rugs or slippery bathroom floors are common fall hazards, while dim lighting, narrow halls and cluttered floors also pose challenges for elders with poor vision and limited mobility.

A home and safety check should cover all major areas of the home, including entryways, stairs, hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms. After hazards are identified, they can be eliminated to support aging in place.

Why You Should Hire an Aging Professional for Home Safety Checks

When you live across town, checking on your elder parent is easy; however, if you have family obligations of your own, or you live far away, you may not be able to check on loved ones as often as you would like.

Hiring a professional agency to do senior home and safety checks can provide you with invaluable peace of mind of knowing that your elderly parent is safe in their own home. Not only is it convenient to hire a professional to perform regular checks, it is also very practical — trained senior care professionals know best what to look for during a home safety visit. They can quickly identify any health and safety hazards, fix them or recommend a course of action and perform basic maintenance services in the home. Plus, your aging parent or loved one will enjoy the regular company of a weekly visitor, and you can ensure that time spent with your loved one is quality time.

Coastal Caretakers provides aging in place services throughout the Long Island area, including emergency/weather preparedness, home maintenance visits and home health and safety checks. Learn more about our services or schedule a FREE home safety assessment for an elder by calling 888-828-6278 or using the convenient contact form on our website.

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