When hurricane season hits, be ready with an emergency hurricane preparedness plan. Coastal Caretakers can help you with the following emergency preparations on Long Island, New York:

  • Establish a communication plan for family member
  • Determine continued use of medical equipment and prescriptions
  • Consider dietary needs and stock provisions accordingly
  • Assemble a disaster supply kit including water, food, radio, flashlight, first aid kit, and more
  • Establish a plan for pets

A Coastal Caretakers Aging-In-Place specialist can help design a hurricane safety emergency preparedness plan specifically for the unique needs of seniors. Rest assured your essentials would be ready no matter what. The specialist will also create a schedule for inspecting and updating your provisions as needed. Read our Hurricane Checklist for seniors here.

Hurricane Preparedness and Storm Proofing

Make sure your home is ready when hurricane season approaches. When it comes to hurricane preparedness, the pros at Coastal Caretakers will help assemble a disaster supply kit, secure your home, and find a safe place for you and your pets. For hurricane safety, we can increase protection to windows and doors by installing clear poly carbonate panels, shutters, hurricane straps, and more. We work closely with FEMA and national flood insurance companies, and we are familiar with new building codes regarding hurricane ratings.

Ready to create your hurricane emergency preparedness plan? Call Coastal Caretakers at 888-828-6278 before the next storm hits, to help keep you and your home safe from disaster.