Predicting the Seemingly Unpredictable

Predicting the Seemingly Unpredictable

It’s true that weather patterns are unpredictable to a degree, but it’s a certainty that hurricane season begins in June and lasts through November. Despite the fixedness of specific seasons, Coastal Caretakers still understands that not everyone has a precise emergency preparedness plan, which is why we’re proud to offer our services in this area.

“Hurricanes moving across land cause wind damage and flooding and may spawn tornadoes; much of the total damage from a hurricane occurs inland and more than 134 million people live in states threatened by these storms” (Hume, Gray, Bowman, Kerrigon, Lester & Virella-Lowell, 2005).

None can forget the gut-wrenching photos shown in the wake of Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. According to reports, most of those who were affected or displaced by the storm were elderly. That is, the majority of the deaths (57.5%) were in the category of age 70 and up and, surprisingly, were not residing in an institution; they were living in their own homes at the time. While there was much media attention regarding the racially motivated politics surrounding the disaster, few thoughts were directed towards the neglect of the elderly during the crisis. John Mutter of Columbia University has stated: “When it comes to deaths, this was an age-selective disaster far more than it was race-selective” (Bytheway, 2007).

Of the casualties among the elderly, it has been noted that the primary challenge was almost administrative in nature; there was no efficient, effective plan for mobilizing the masses, particularly for those who were older.

Coastal Caretakers wants to be ahead of the curve, aiding in the preparedness process by helping to draft comprehensive plans for the senior citizens of this country. Some basic essentials that need to be considered are items like medication, oxygen (supplemental due to health reasons), source of electricity, and water and sanitation (Hume et al, 2005). Remember that caring for the basics is only the beginning. We also offer the installation of clear poly-carbonate panels, shutters, hurricane straps, and many other related materials that can be utilized to ensure maximum safety should a disaster strike.


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