Fall Prevention Assessments

When the snow falls and accumulates, emergency room professionals can be assured of one thing−it is likely they will see an increased incidence of injuries related to snow and ice removal. Injuries can range from strained backs and broken bones to fatal heart attacks.

Many people, especially seniors, can underestimate the time, strength and stamina it takes to shovel snow. However, it is a homeowner’s responsibility to clear snow from sidewalks on his or her property, so seniors often feel compelled to take steps to shovel the snow.

After heavy snowfalls in New England, snow may need to be removed from roofs to reduce the risk of structural damage. Moreover, snow must be cleared for emergency vehicles, so as not to delay necessary medical treatment. Ice removal is even more difficult.

Snow blowers are usually ineffective for clearing ice. Experts recommend that for fall protection, seniors and the physically challenged find help removing snow and ice from sidewalks, driveways and entryways.