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Select a Senior Living & Aging in Place caretaker with the same care you would use in selecting any other trusted professional, as you are relying on this person to keep you safe and manage your investment. At Coastal Caretakers, we do much more than provide house watching, property maintenance, home security services, and home repairs on Long Island, NY including Nassau and Suffolk County.

We are Aging-In-Place specialists who help independent seniors stay safely and comfortably in their own homes. We also provide Aging-In-Place products, home repairs, and access modifications for seniors and those with mobility challenges.

Our Services

Safety and Security

With a poor economy comes an increase in crime and home invasions. There is a need for an ever-greater presence of security in the home today. A Long Island home security system or monitoring system can help you feel safe and give your family peace of mind.

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Home Access Modifications

With home access modification on Long Island, you can create handicap accessible entryways, a stair lift, as well as efficient, accessible kitchens and bathrooms that maximize your independence, convenience, and abilities.

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Home Maintenance

Whether you need major home maintenance for fall prevention on Long Island, or simply someone to check your house once a week, Coastal Caretakers offers short- or long-term assistance.

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Fall Protection Ice, Snow and Winter Storm

When the snow falls and accumulates, emergency room professionals can be assured of one thing – it is likely they will see an increased incidence of injuries related to snow and ice removal. Injuries can range from strained backs and broken bones to fatal heart attacks.

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Weather Related Emergency Preparedness

When hurricane season hits, be ready with an emergency hurricane preparedness plan. Coastal Caretakers can help you with the following emergency preparations on Long Island, New York

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